Agriquality excels in producing and processing with social responsibilityenvironmental responsabilityhigh nutritional standards

Who We Are

Agriquality Lda is a Mozambican company focused on food growing and related areas aiming at increasing productivity and quality improvement by promoting sustainable rural development through the application of low cost innovations according to the local reality. It has been in the agricultural sector since 2016, producing and processing fruits and vegetables aiming standardized and high quality products with added value, reducing losses during harvest and post harvest, increasing diversity and shelf life.

Agriquality Ltda excels in producing and processing with social responsibility, environmental and high nutritional standards. With an inclusive policy, we consider it important to adopt a gender policy that favors the role of women in the agriculture, not only in production and processing, but also in the management component.

Our products contain fewer chemical pesticides, since we use conservational principles applied in organic agriculture. Among those, we can mention the application of natural pesticides, which are biodegradable and with less health risk, use of organic fertilizers and reduce the need for imported inputs, cultivation in a protected environment that reduces pest and disease attacks and also facilitate cultural treatments.

We are also committed on vegetable processing to ensure that they take advantage of production surpluses, reducing post harvest losses as well as making the minimum and lossless transformation in the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables produced at national level, adding value to them.

The company has a team of collaborators committed to comply with the demands imposed by the markets and the deadlines established by the customers.